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At present, the State of Utah is bifurcated into seven emergency medical services and trauma regions, with an established trauma hospital in each area. However, no formal system for trauma care exists within the State. To be more specific, there is no Statewide mechanism to measure the clinical outcomes and improve caregiving facilities.

To improve the situation, an opportunity can be developed in the form of a Statewide trauma network, to enhance care facilities to the injured, across the spectrum of care. It would include all the fields, right from pre-hospital emergency services to initial care in smaller or more rural hospitals and definitive or specialized care in the major trauma centers.

Utah Pediatric Trauma Network was established to ensure that an injured patient would get the very best possible care, regardless of the area of the State in which one is injured. This type of network is also capable of rendering education and training to outlying facilities, which in turn will prevent unnecessary and costly transfers.

Right Care To The Right Patient At The Right Time!

The Utah Pediatric Trauma Network will develop, refine, and recommend methodologies, standards, and guidelines to reduce morbidity, mortality and the cost of injury, and illness to injured pediatric patients in Utah.

This type of structure will resource and extend its Level I and II trauma hospital expertise, to distant providers within the network, thus ensuring that the best care guidelines and benchmarks of quality care are developed collaboratively with care providers in each of the trauma regions across the State.

Our Vision

The vision of Utah Pediatric Trauma Network is to establish a Statewide network, inclusive of all regions and hospitals in Utah. We wish to collectively implement injury prevention initiatives, develop evidence-based best practices for medical management of injury, improve the outcomes for the victims of trauma, and decrease the financial and personal cost to the citizens and families of the State of Utah.

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Utah Pediatric Trauma Network